Rotating oven (AeroTherm)

The OK Tech (before FN Aerotherm) rack oven is a proud addition to our product range. Since the beginning of 2020 Brouwer oventechniek have taken over the activities from this prominent en reliable rack oven producer from Denmark. This rack oven combines optimal baking quality, service friendliness and a timeless design. Due to its robust construction and heavy steam unit the temperature drop is less than 25 degrees during loading/unloading, which offers the possibility of batch-to-batch production.

The OK Tech can be built in all kind of sizes, even with two doors which makes it a pass-through oven and can held up to 4 racks.

LB STeenoven

The stone oven is for multiple reasons unique. The stone oven namely has the artisan baking quality of a deck oven and the ease of a rack oven. This novelty is what us make most proud. The six stone deck floors are heated through an uninterrupted hot water system, where the water is constant moving.

Thermal oil oven (AeroStatic)

The thermal oil oven is the product of years of development. Since the nineties the thermal oil oven is build in-house and has caused many satisfied customers. The robust construction, the user friendly control system and the good accessibility for service are only a few of the distinguishing factors. With a thermal oil oven you combine the best of both worlds. It offers the advantages of radiation and convection warmth. The heath of the floor is just as intense as a deck oven produces. With a convection ventilator (Turbo) is also gives the possibility to add circulation warmth to the baking area. 

The transfer of warmth through thermal oil has some physical advantages compared to ovens who are heated through air or water. Thermal oil is extremely good in heat retention capacity, which is 2700 times greater than other heat transfer media. Consequence: A constant temperature in the baking chamber which allows constant baking combined with a very low energy consumption.

The boiler of the thermal oil oven can be heated through gas or electricity and is assembled with a magnetic pump.


This proofer ensures an optimally risen product by perfect temperature control, correct moisture dosage and distribution.

Furthermore it has an excellent air circulation. The ventilation has a delay of approx. 30 minutes.


Since 2018 all ovens from Brouwer oventechniek are equipped with our own touch panel. This panel is designed for optimal user friendliness for the baker. The control panel has been developed in a manner where every baker can use it instantly. Together with our most innovative customers we are constantly developing our software to give the end user the best experience possible.

Stainless Steel Extractor Hood

Stainless steel extractor hoods are fabricated in every desired size. The hoods are manufactured from double cut stainless steel 1,25 mm. thick. The hoods are provided with a grease trap all around. The grids are easy removable in an industrial washer.

Optional: Aeration


Naast onze eigen gefabriceerde ovens leveren wij samen met onze partner Romias de oplossing voor automatisering in uw onderneming.


In addition to our own manufactured ovens, we also produce our own plate, cooling and canister trolleys. Also your address for alusteel or aluminum plates, work surfaces and sinks.

We also sell ovens from Macadams, Euromax and Unox shop ovens, among others.

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