Thermal oil oven (AeroStatic)

Thermal oil oven (AeroStatic)

The transfer of warmth through thermal oil has some physical advantages compared to ovens who are heated through air or water. Thermal oil is extremely good in heat retention capacity, which is 2700 times greater than other heat transfer media. Consequence: A constant temperature in the baking chamber which allows constant baking combined with a very low energy consumption.

The boiler of the thermal oil oven can be heated through gas or electricity and is assembled with a magnetic pump.

The inControl touch panel is easy to operate,
read at a glance and offers many possibilities

• Programs with 5 baking phases
• Manual operation with a single baking program
• USB storage for secured baking programs and copyable to other ovens
• 7 day timer with automatic start
• Service menu with alarm history
• Extractor hood function with time cycle.

Technical specifications:

• Automatic steam systeem
• Contents: 80/96 loaves, depending on coupling dimensions
• Touch panel operation with baking programs of your choice
• Sandwich trolley: 15 tiers, 600 x 800 mm version
• Sandwich trolley: 8 floors – 2 x 6 couple = 96 loaves
• Burner capacity 67 kW
• Electricity 2.6 kW, 400 V 50Hz, 3 phase, neutral and earth
• Turntable size 1050 mm
• Weight 1650 kg
• Sizes : 1540 x 1420 x 2630

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