LB steenoven

Floating floors

The AeroStone is produced in a special way. In contradiction to many other deck ovens, the floors are mounted floating. This offers great advantages when loading and unloading products. You only have to drive trolley in and out. The capacity is two oven trolleys per batch.

When you close the oven door, the bottom plate lowers automatically. De racks descent too till the bread pans or plates lie directly on the stone floors. A direct heat transfer of the stone floors to the bread causes an optimal artisan result. It is therefore not necessary to purchase a special rack with stone plates. Of course it is also possible to bake directly on the floors without using pans and plates. Do you want to load and unload your bread even simpler and faster? Then we have a special loading rack which makes it possible to place dough pieces on the stone floor.

Energy-saving and maintenance-friendly

The AeroStone is not only energy efficient, it also saves costs and space. The burner chamber is bricked in an old fashion way with refractory bricks. This result in a high heat retention of the chamber and a minimum temperature drop while changing batches. The burner has a high efficiency output and is also economical in consumption. The LB Brick oven is not only energy efficient, but also cost and space saving.

With this unique oven every deck separately can be provided of steam. This ensures that the products always receive the right amount of steam. On top of this the AeroStone is very easy to maintain. There are no pumps, valves or ventilators to maintain. Result: Very low maintenance costs.

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