The LB proofer ensures an optimally proofed product. This is because we can properly regulate the temperature, the moisture percentage and the distribution thereof. The proofer also has a 7-inch inControl Touch.
with the following options:

• Temperature adjustable from 0-40 degrees
• Humidity adjustable from 0-99 %
• Automatic fan following function for drying the cabinet.

Technical specifications:

  • • Automatic steam system by means of a VAPAC
  • Content determined after consultation
  • 60 mm Foodsafe Pu panels with sprayed or stainless steel plating
  • • Size: Any desired size available
  • Front and doors in stainless steel (sliding-turning-high-speed doors)
  • Entry cell or drive through cell
  • Stainless steel pressure walls and stainless steel pressure ceiling with lighting

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