The specialist

Are you looking for the specialist in the field of oven technology? Than you are at HebacoBrouwer at the right address. Since our inception almost 70 years ago we offer high quality service through service and maintenance to bakery ovens. And since 2006 we have started with the development and production of several types of ovens.

Our services

Besides the development and production of ovens, we also offer proofers, extraction systems, racks and our control system (touch screen and PLC). For all parties abroad we deliver these products in collaboration and close contact with our dealers:


Norway: Foodtech
Finland: CATEC
United Kingdom: MONO
Denmark: Bagerimonteringen & Søren Snedker
Belgium: BT Techniek Mol
Duitsland: Johan Pirkl Backovenbau GmbH
Zweden: NBT

Do you want to become a dealer of Brouwer oventechniek?

We use the following machines and appliances:


Curious what we can offer you?

Durma Fiber Laser

For laser cutting of all types of stainless steel, aluminum and steel you are at the right address. The maximum size we can cut is 3000 × 1500 mm. The maximum cutting thicknesses are: Stainless steel 6 mm and steel 15 mm. For all laser cutting you can hand us your own concept design drawing. We also offer the possibility to draw out your sketch by our CAD illustrator.

After laser cutting the sheets we can deburr all the sharp edges with our own deburring machine. This operation results in a smooth finish and prevents injuries.

SafanDarley H-Brake Hybrid

For the further operation resulting in an end product, we use our two press brakes. These machines can bend all your sheets in all kind of shapes and applications.