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We are specialists in the field of oven technology. We guarantee quality and good service!
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Our Strength’s

It can happen that a customer has specific wishes. With us that is no problem at all! We like to think along with our customer to come up to the best solution Through this approach it is possible to build an oven custom made according to your wishes.

The strength of Brouwer Oventechniek doesn’t only lie with its products. Through our experience for many years we are able give every customer an excellent advice. Moreover we have a large team of service mechanics who also want to assist with problems abroad.

Often quality products and an excellent service go hand in hand with an expensive price ticket. Do not worry! Because we do everything ourselves with state of the art machines, we ensure that all our products and the complementary service stay affordable.

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Our story

We are specialists in the field of oven technology The history of Brouwer Oventechniek goes back to the year 1992, when Lute Brouwer starts his company that at that time mainly is focused on a 24-hours service and doing maintenance on bakery ovens. When in 1993 also the sales of new ovens from the brand MacAdams starts, it cannot be done ‘from home’ en Brouwer Oventechniek moves to the Bedrijvenweg in Nijverdal.
Curious what we can offer you?