AeroStatic thermal oil oven

One of the proud developments of HebacoBrouwer. This robust oven is the result of over 25 years in research and development. The AeroStatic combines the best of two worlds. It offers the advantages of radiation and convection heath. Especially with bread pans the floot heat is as intense as an oven with decks. Through the heat retention capacity constant baking is possible, which causes an efficient baking process. Optional is the Roll-in-Stone floor module, for authentic baking on stone floors.

User friendly control

The AeroStatic is equipped with a 10” user friendly control panel which contains 200 baking programs. The control panel is easy to program and has precise temperature control. Adjustable via the touch screen are:

  • Baking time (5 phases)
  • Steam (5 phases)
  • Steam vent (5 phases)
  • Circulation ventilator (??)

Heat exhangers

The AeroStatic thermal oil oven of HebacoBrouwer is delivered in combination with one or multiple thermal oil boilers and are equipped with:

  • Highly efficient gas burner
  • Magnetic pumps on the ovens and/or boiler
  • Filters in the pipe system (to prevent pollution)


We can also supply a fully electric boiler on request. Furthermore, a bypass pump group or a tandem system can also be optionally selected to guarantee operational reliability.

Wide delivery program



The Aerostatic can be supplied in various sizes. The number of shelves of the oven varies from 7 to 12 shelves, the content is two or three trolleys and the oven can also be fitted with automatically vertically opening doors. In addition, the ovens can also be made customer-specific on request.

Specifics AeroStatic thermal oil oven

  • Excellent baking results
  • Even baked products
  • Batck-on-batch production
  • Energy efficient baking
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